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NITE Team 4 is a hacking simulation and strategy game with Alternate Reality Game elements connected to The Black Watchmen universe. You play as a new recruit in the sophisticated hacking cell, Network Intelligence & Technical Evaluation (NITE) Team 4. Engaged in cyberwarfare with black hat groups and hostile states, you will be in a struggle to penetrate highly secure targets. Your job is to use the STINGER hacking platform to infiltrate hardened computer networks and coordinate strike teams on the ground to carry out missions that feature real espionage tradecraft terminology taken from leaked NSA documents.


Players will use system commands in a specially built hacking environment based off real military and industry tools to perform offensive computer operations. Participate in operations that combine tactical hacking with coordinating strike teams on the ground to accomplish field activities including facility raids, surveillance, targeted assassinations and drone strikes. Complete daily Bounties and Open World missions based on real world scenarios for in-game rewards, as well as user-created Hivemind networks for additional content! NITE Team 4 delivers a compelling hacking simulation experience that integrates realistic mission objectives with Alternate Reality Game components including in-universe websites and online research.


Foxacid Server
Mission Center
XKeyscore Forensics
Hivemind Network
Phone CID Backdoor
Tactical Map



    The STINGER hacking platform is inspired by actual platforms like Kali Linux. It allows players to control sophisticated modules and use custom intrusion tools to deliver an authentic hacking experience.


    Direct troops in the field to carry out hacking operations like covertly implanting devices with eavesdropping equipment and sabotaging targets.


    Mission objectives and descriptions feature real world NSA intel analyst terminology, taken straight from leaked NSA documents in the Snowden archive and inspiration from actual cyberthreats.


    From Advanced Persistent Threats to covert malware projects that destroy critical infrastructure, NITE Team 4 is inspired by the real world of cyberwarfare and includes optional Alternate Reality Game elements that enhance the immersion of the universe.


  • “Frankly, this is a breath of fresh air from games that just have you sitting at a terminal slinging code.”
    Positive – Cliqist
  • “A lot of thought and work has gone in to NITE Team 4!”
    Positive – MMOGames
  • “As well as probing and jacking computers remotely, hackers will get to send out a military unit for field work, which is an intriguing combination.”
    Positive – Rock Paper Shotgun
  • “NITE Team 4 is a deep dive into the world of cyberwarfare”
    – VentureBeat
  • “Alice & Smith forme vos employés grâce à la ludification”
    – Les Affaires





  • If you’ve always wanted to become a hacker, then this is a good place to start and see what it would be like, without the hassle of some agency banging down your door in the early hours of the morning!
    - Piston Smashed
  • After two hours of playing I got so motivated that I stopped to try out Kali Linux a bit!
    - Dalmore
  • Sophisticated and cerebral, and certainly worth one's time.
    - Rewind
  • This game has somehow made gameplay that is fun and at the same time is quite accurate in terms of the tools and methods used. That's pretty amazing.
    - Koriar
  • The game is so intricately made that you can lose yourself for days, and the player-made hiveminds give you even more and completely different uses of the tools you thought you'd gotten used to, so there's never a boring moment.
    - LogThatData
  • In depth hacking game with a great community and challenging missions.
    - Urania
  • If you have not tried any of the A&S games and you love the 'think outside the box' style of puzzles then this is something for you.
    - iggyjeckel
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During research for our Alternate Reality Game The Black Watchmen, our development team frequently came across stories related to the world of government hacking groups and intelligence analysis. We realized the world of specialized military hacking units has yet to be fully explored in video games.

Alice & Smith wants to do this important topic justice. Our development team has been making engaging games for over 7 years. We focus on innovative content rooted in the real world to transport our players to an alternate reality. Our games have brought players from over 129 countries together to spend more than 320,000 hours working to solve complex puzzles, research online and perform complex spycraft missions. Alice & Smith seeks to apply all this experience to the world of cyberwarfare in NITE Team 4.


  • Andrea Doyon


  • Nathalie Lacoste


  • Victor Duro


  • Fred Forgues

    Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Lead Developer

  • Alex Corbeil

    Game Designer, Open World Narrative Producer

  • Isabelle Brunette

    Game Designer, Graphic Designer

  • Steven Patterson

    Special Advisor

  • Patrick Greatbatch

    Narrative Producer

  • Corey Martin


  • Patrice Lenouveau


  • Frédéric Poirier


  • Dominique Rheault


About us

Alice & Smith is an entertainment company based in Montreal, our passion is creating emotions. With its 7 years of experience in the design and production of transmedia campaigns and 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Alice & Smith’s team believes in the power of emotion and in constantly creating new technological ways to reach people.

Discover how we created an immersive experience for the last two years in our 84-page behind-the-scenes development report.

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